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06.06.2012 Presentation "Light and Dark side of Code Instrumentation" from CONFidence Krakow 2012

26.04.2012 Whitepaper "Python arsenal for Reverse Engineering" version 1.1

12.08.2011 Whitepaper "Architecture and program vulnerabilities in SAPís J2EE engine" from BlackHat USA 2011

06.07.2011 Whitepaper "Python arsenal for Reverse Engineering" version 1.0

10.06.2011 Presentation "DNS for EVIL" from CONFidence Krakow 2011

25.01.2011 Presentation "Forgotten World: Corporate Business Application Systems" from BlackHat DC 2011

13.12.2010 "Attacking SAP Users with Sapsploit Extended 1.1" from DEEPSEC Vienna 2010

11.11.2010 "Attacking SAP Users with Sapsploit Extended" from HITB Kuala-Lumpur 2010

14.10.2010 "Russian Bank-Client Systems under Attack" form InfoBez-Expo Russia

14.10.2010 "Evolution of Penetration Testing" from InfoBez-Expo 2010 Russia

14.10.2010 "ERP Security. Myths, Problems, Solutions" from Source Barcelona 2010

10.10.2010 "Some notes on SAP security" from Troopers 2010

05.07.2010 "Attacking SAP Users with Sapsploit" from HITB Amsterdam 2010

05.07.2010 "JIT-Spray Attacks and Advanced Shellcode" from HITB Amsterdam 2010

11.06.2010 "You canít stop us: latest trends on exploit techniques" at CONFidence 2010

29.04.2010 Penetration: from Application down to OS.Getting OS Access Using Lotus Domino Application Server Vulnerabilities

05.03.2010 Writing JIT-Spray Shellcode for fun and profit

03.02.2010 Penetration: from application down to OS. Getting OS access using Apache Geromino Application Server vulnerabilities

03.09.2009 SAP Security: attacking SAP clients

15.06.2009 Presentation "Oracle security problems:latest trends" (ruscrypto 2009)

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