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18.07.2011 SAP critical patch update july 2011

30.06.2011 DSecRG researchers invited to present at BlackHat and take part at Defcon CTF

27.06.2011 SAP critical patch update june 2011

20.06.2011 Critical vulnerabilities in Oracle Business Intelligence applications are found out by DSecRG experts.

12.05.2011 SAP Critical Patch Update for May 2011

12.04.2011 SAP Critical patch update April 2011

07.04.2011 SMBRealay Bible blog series overview part one

08.03.2011 SAP Critical patch update march 2011

07.02.2011 Espionage, sabotage and fraudful actions: about attacks on ERP systems on the BlackHat DC conference

25.01.2011 Oracle released Critical Patch Updates Advisory - January 2011

12.01.2011 DSecRG Performance in 2010

12.01.2011 DSecRG will give a talk at BlackHat DC 2011

11.01.2011 SAP released monthly critical patch update for January 2011

13.12.2010  DSecRG Experts at DEEPSEC Vienna 2010: Hacking SAP Users Extended 1.1

23.11.2010 Prague Confidence 2.0 2010 Talk Announcement

22.11.2010 Future DEEPSEC 2010 Talk Announcement

16.11.2010 Critical Vulnerabilities in SAP Application Server

11.11.2010 DsecRG Experts at HITB Malaysia 2010: Hacking SAP Users Extended

27.10.2010 CPU Updates from Oracle (CPU October 2010)

21.10.2010 SAP has launched a new Web site section devoted to the vulnerabilities found in its products

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